Luxe Body Bundle


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Elevate your skincare with our essential trio + canvas tote. Cleanse with Green Clean Body Wash, hydrate deeply with Triple Splash Serum, and lock in moisture with Botanical Blast Lotion. Complete care for radiant skin.


  1. Green Clean Body Wash.
  2. Triple Splash Serum.
  3. Botanical Blast Lotion
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Luxe Body Bundle: Unlock ultimate skin nourishment with our all-in-one body care set for just $120. Comes with full-sized essentials and a chic canvas tote.

Green Clean Body Wash: Energize and purify your skin with pine oil and seaweed. Perfect for tackling acne, eczema, and softening skin with daily exfoliation.

Triple Splash Serum: Hydrate every inch with our hyaluronic acid-infused serum. It tones and strengthens, making your moisturizer work harder for glowing skin.

Botanical Blast Lotion: Drench your skin in moisture with our antioxidant-rich, ultra-rich lotion. Packed with 15 plant extracts for soft, rejuvenated skin.

Get glowing with simplicity and luxury combined!


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